How Do You Break in a Manduka PRO™ Mat?

To break in a Manduka PRO™ mat, we recommend a simple salt bath, as outlined in our how-to video below.

Just like your favorite pair of jeans or a well-worn baseball glove, the Manduka PRO™ yoga mat requires a break-in process, or PROcess as we like to call it, which is really more like a ritual. As you practice, the top surface will naturally wear in, transforming it into one that’s uniquely yours. The more you stretch, twist, sweat and breathe together, the better it gets—just like your practice.

Designed to last a lifetime (with a guarantee to back it up), you’ll never wear your PRO™ mat out, you’ll just wear it in. In fact, some of our very first (and now legendary) Black Mat PROs are still being used today—that’s nearly 20 years of practice and still flowing strong. Regardless of which break-in method you use, it’s really all about making the mat yours.

The best way to break in your Manduka PRO™ mat is practice, practice, practice, but if you want to speed things up a little, view our break-in video at the top of this page for more tips.

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