Collection: eKO Series Yoga Mats

Want a sustainably made 100% natural rubber mat with an ultra cushioned feel? Try eKO.


eKO 5mm: natural rubber mat featuring a grippy top layer and ultra-cushioned ride.

eKO Lite 4mm: lighter for on-the-go flow.

eKO SuperLite Travel: foldable, travel-ready size.

eKO Series Yoga Mats

Do good while you feel good. Our EKO Series yoga mat collection is responsibly sourced, all-natural rubber with a responsive ride, that leaves a sustainable footprint that feels as secure as your warrior pose. Explore our selection of eco-friendly and biodegradable mats that are designed with your comfort and security in mind. From our EKO 5MM to our EKO Lite 4MM, to our EKO SUPERLITE 1.55MM, you'll find mats that not only fit exactly what you are looking for but are designed with Mother Nature in mind. While you are focusing on your poses, we are focusing on making sure that we are doing our best to protect the earth with every move on our durable and natural rubber mats. Namaste, naturally. Always.

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