A Few Things To Consider Before Buying A Mat

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A Few Things To Consider Before Buying A Mat

There comes a time in most yogis' lives when the need for your own yoga mat comes. As with all purchases the options are seemingly endless so we have put together a quick guide on what to consider before you make that purchase.


About You

Firstly consider yourself off the mat, assess your size, your motivation for yoga and if you have any special needs. For instance if you are over 1.80m then we recommend you hunt out an extra long mat, we make the PRO mats in XLong sizes - 215cm v/s 180cm our standard size. Or if you tend to get sweaty palms, a GRP Adapt or adding a yoga towel to any mats will be a good option. You are just starting yoga, start with the basic and a mat for your level. Here are some tips for beginners: New to Yoga: First Essentials

Your Body

Do you have achey joints, or suffer from any material allergies? If you have aches look for more cushioning or support from your mat, the PRO 6mm and eKO 5mm mats are perfect for this. For allergies we have synthetic and natural options across our range to ensure that we cover most yogis needs. If you do suffer from allergies make sure you read the content label or ask us before you take to the mat.

Your Practice

What kind of practice do you like? Search for a mat that supports your practice and encourages you to take to the mat. Do you practice Yoga Flows, Hot Yoga or Restorative or a bit of everything? Are you on your mat everyday or few times a week? Will your mat be for yoga or various training? These are all important questions to ask yourself to make sure your mat fits you. If you cross a number of different forms of Yoga then maybe you are best suited to look at a Mat & Yoga Towel combination or the new GRP Adapt which is versatile enough to allow you to go from slow flows to sweaty sessions and light enough to travel from place to place. If you have a regular practice, look for a durable and easy to clean mat like the PRO Series - natural rubber mats will start to show sign of use quicker and require higher maintenance. If you wish to jump from yoga to cross training then the Manduka X might be best suitable.

Your Preferences

The more you look at your personal yoga journey the better you will create the answers to what mat is right for you. Think about how you move on the mat, do you flow between poses, do you prefer to reset or find your footing with more accuracy with each pose. Our PRO range has been designed to all our experienced yogis to flow and find their grip from their posture rather than relying on the mat. Others prefer to feel the mat holding them in place, and find more comfort using natural rubber mats such as the eKO Series or a performance yoga towel. Those looking for a go to mat with good wet and dry grip might prefer the GRP Adapt.

Your Commitment

Do you need a mat that is ready to go the first time you roll it out or are you happy to work with your mat to customise your grip through your practice? The PRO Series will need to be broken in, this is a personal and unique experience but what you’ll have in the end is a mat that is tailored to you and last a lifetime. See here for some breaking in tips. Some other mats might be at their best from day 1, but will require a much higher care down the line and ultimately will be less durable.

Your Style

How expressive are you? Yes that Little Black Mat is by far the favourite of many but does that help you express who you are? If you are someone that looks for more creativity from their purchase then check out our alternative colours and prints. We have new colours being released every season. It may seem simple but the colour of your mat can become a huge driver to keep you in your routine! Our eKO range offers an unmatched depth of colours and some unique marbling effects.

Here at Manduka we pour our hearts and souls into every products, so you can pour yours into practice distraction-free. Once you have all your answers to your questions, finding your mat will be infinitely easier. If you still need some guidance then drop us a line on yogisupport@manduka.com

We make our mats to last. This might be the last mat you really need to buy so we will do everything we can to help you find your Soul Mat.



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