Studio Spotlight: Spyre Center

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Studio Spotlight: Spyre Center

Meet the owners of the brand new Yoga Hub, Spyre Center in New Orleans, who also happen to be sisters: Kendall Winingder (left) Deborah Peters (middle) Diana Fisher (right). Interviewing today with us is Spyre's studio manager, Zoe.

Anna: Tell us about your new hub and the energy it brings to the community. What is your goal or mission for Spyre Center?

Zoe: After years of site renovations and planning, Spyre opened its doors on November 1, 2021. Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, Spyre was designed to bring together functional + alternative health practitioners, and therapeutic healing modalities under one roof; giving clients all the resources they need on their respective health journeys. Spyre serves as a hub for people to gather and work towards their best selves: physically, mentally and spiritually. Spyre is unlike anything else in New Orleans and we are honored to provide the community with the power and tools they need to take control of their health.

Our gym and group fitness studio offers a wide range of movement classes to get you in the zone. From yoga, mat pilates, and HIIT to qi gong and water aerobics, Spyre's movement center has something for everyone and classes for every accessibility level. Our full class catalog is available on our website or on our business' MindBody page.

Our “soul center” offers various therapeutic modalities: infrared sauna, hot + cold hydrotherapy plunge tanks, a dry float bed, and a meditation room to encourage quiet contemplation. In Spyre, we know that our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies are all connected. We hope that our safe and serene soul center spaces will encourage clients to prioritize caring for their inner selves, too.

Our on-site restaurant, The Well Café, will offer nourishing food-medicine to eat in or carry out. Spyre's in-house chef and nutrition consultant partners with local farms and growers to deliver clients high-quality, local, and organic produce to heal from within. We will serve soups, salads, snacks, smoothies; all mindfully crafted to complement our treatments + services.

Spyre's top floor is home to the Health Collective: a group of alternative and holistic health practitioners united in their beliefs around whole-person wellness. While the community moves + breathes together downstairs, patients can seek physical and mental health treatments upstairs. By uniting like-minded health professionals within New Orleans and beyond; we hope to encourage collaboration and innovation amongst the city’s leading healers.

Operating under a whole-person paradigm, Spyre strives to meet the community members wherever they may be in their respective health journeys, lift them up, provide community + resources and inspire them to achieve their best selves through movement, breath, community, and education.

Anna: What kind of yoga classes do you offer at Spyre Center?

Zoe: In Spyre, we offer a wide range of yoga classes and styles. Accessibility is fundamental to Spyre's model and identity. For this reason, we have carefully curated our group movement offerings, with something for every body. We offer Yoga 101 for beginners, Therapeutic Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga (infrared heated + non-heated,) Ashtanga Yoga, and Community Yoga (free for the public.) We hope to add restorative yoga practices in time. Our various yoga instructors all bring their unique practices and styles to their classes.

Anna: What can you tell us about the future of yoga from a small business perspective?

Zoe: Given that Spyre was founded upon the principles of mind + body + spirit integration and whole-person health, yoga naturally embodies these tenants of health. We know firsthand that yoga has the power to change lives and open hearts, and we hope that our yoga offerings will help our community grow, heal, and find peace in the chaos of modern life. We've noticed a dramatic increase in yoga's popularity within New Orleans over the past couple of years. This indicates to us that our community is ready to open themselves up to the power of yoga. We plan to keep our classes physically + fiscally accessible so as many people as possible can practice with us at Spyre.

Anna: What are some other key elements of your studio that you feel enhance the practice of your students?

Zoe: Our business' focus on whole-person well-being; in mind, body, and spirit; is reflected in the atmosphere of our studio, our policies and practices, and taking classes at Spyre will, we hope, encourage yoga students to experiment with other ways to engage in their self-care practices. All of the services + classes + therapies that we offer at Spyre complement one another and revolve around holistic well-being. It's reflected in everything we do. Every element of the Spyre experience has been mindfully curated to invoke a sense of serenity and peace for everyone who walks through our doors.



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