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Yoga Ed
Yoga Ed.'s mission is to empower school communities with yoga to cultivate health and wellness inchildren and teens by equipping educators with tools to integrate yoga into academic environments.
Family Yoga
Bring the whole family together in support of a great cause.
31 MIN
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Kids Yoga
Perfect for children ages 4 - 12, this fun class gets kids moving through active learning and creative play.
33 MIN
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Teens Yoga
Designed for teens ages 13 - 18, this dynamic class encourages students to practice powerful yoga tools to help navigate daily life.
37 MIN
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Yoga with Adriene
We're thrilled to announce that renowned yoga teacher Adriene Mishler of Yoga With Adriene will be leading our livestreamed yoga class on Saturday, May 13 at 11am EST.

In the meantime, try out Adriene's Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced yoga videos.

Healing Practice
Beginner Friendly
A stretchy foundational yoga practice to restore the body.
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Generosity Practice
Intermediate Friendly
A grounding vinyasa yoga practice to balance the body.
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Stay Open Flow
Advanced Friendly
A core stability vinyasa yoga practice to open and energize the body.
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polish up your yoga skills for the big weekend
Beginner Yoga Flow
By Sara Quiriconi on May 3rd, 2017
This beginner flow is designed for all levels, with beginners in mind. Keeping you slow,...
Yoga for Swimmers
By Sara Quiriconi on March 9th, 2017
Beginner-focused videos and photos to help ease you into the yoga flow.
How to use a strap
Posted in Articles
Our in-house yoga instructor, Anne Spinner, sows a couple ways to incorporate straps into...
Yoga Nidra
By Jana Roemer on March 7th, 2017
This Yoga Nidra is a healing journey that you do while laying in Savasana. This practice...
How to Use A Bolster
Posted in Articles
Lara Estrada, Owner of Yoga Bliss, shows us 2 bolster poses.
yoga For Survivors
Studies have shown that women who get regular exercise have a lower risk of breast cancer than women who are inactive (as if you needed another reason to join the project:OM movement). And while yoga can and should be used as a preventative measure to stay healthy, it can also be particularly helpful after a breast cancer diagnosis. Here’s how:
Coping with Stress:
Yoga helps breast cancer survivors reduce stress and anxiety, and gives them a sense of control over their bodies.
Pain Management:
Yoga can act as a non-drug therapy to use along with pain medications.
Yoga helps reduce fatigue in breast cancer survivors by providing energy and improving emotional well-being, as well as reducing nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.
Did you know?
Developing research suggests that:
8 Weeks
of yoga
may decrease pain and tiredness in women whose breast cancer has spread.
10+ Weeks
of yoga
seems to reduce stress and anxiety in people experiencing mild-to-moderate levels of stress. Yoga appears to work about as well as relaxation therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy.
12 Weeks
of yoga
may improve quality of life, emotional & social well-being, and mood in women with breast cancer who are not receiving chemotherapy.
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