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One Million Reasons To Join The Project:OM Movement.

What’s Your Reason?
Setting an intention defines the reason for your practice.
For project:OM yoga classes we encourage you to consider your reasons for participating, (this could be a person, place, thing or idea,) and use this as your intention.
My Reason Is
What's Yours?
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When project:OM and Susan G. Komen first sat down to discuss this epic event, our collective intention was to gather one million people to practice yoga together to raise awareness and funds to support the fight against breast cancer.
With your help, we will see that intention realized.
Special Olympics is joining project:OM!
A heartfelt thanks to Special Olympics for helping us get closer to our goal of One Million people practicing yoga to end breast cancer. With our mutual commitment to inclusive health and wellness for all, it couldn't be a more fitting relationship. Let's do this!