Studio Spotlight: Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield

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Studio Spotlight: Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield

Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield (MYP Brookfield) is a hot power yoga studio that offers over 30 power vinyasa and restorative classes a week. They offer classes for every body, ranging from the gentlest restorative class to a more powerful flow. Owner Pamela Mead is a RYT-200 and Baptiste-certified yoga instructor. Her mission for the studio is to provide a welcoming haven for all students, who come together to sweat, socialize and support each other.

Anna Helmin:  Can you explain  the benefits of  Power Vinyasa yoga?

Pamela: Our studio is a hot yoga studio; the space is heated to 95 degrees. In addition to the many benefits of a power vinyasa class (endurance/strength building, stability/balance work, cardio), there are additional benefits from the heat - which helps increase flexibility and joint mobility, and burn more calories. In addition, a hot power class has longer term benefits such as increased bone mass, improved mental state, and better management of stress. In our classes, our dedicated teachers encourage students to turn inwards and focus on breath and body while sweating out toxins - a powerful combination that reduces stress and helps us live more balanced lives. 

And, because we need balance in our lives as well as balance on our mats. Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield also offers hot, restorative classes where the heat is set to 90 degrees. This yin-style practice, where we bring the mind and body into a relaxed state of balance, is a natural complement to the power classes. 

A: Tell us more about your yoga journey. What inspired you to open  Manipura Power Yoga?

P: I fell into yoga after breaking my hip from a fall while visiting my family in Sweden. I had surgery and 2 pins were inserted to connect my hip and femur bones. When I went back to the US, I had to spend a full year on bedrest and the pins were removed a year later.

After surgery, I had to relearn to walk and since my left leg became ¼” shorter than my right, my balance was off. My surgeon suggested I try yoga to help me build strength and find balance. Yoga was a game changer, particularly once I discovered hot yoga at Manipura Power Yoga which originally opened in 2013. Loving the way hot yoga made me feel, I decided to become a teacher. I received my RYT 200 Yoga Teacher certification in 2016 and completed Baptiste Levels 1 and 2, and became a Baptiste-certified teacher. When the opportunity to buy Manipura arose in 2022, I jumped at the chance. I am so happy to have come full circle with the studio.

The studio has a very small retail component and our focus is on Manduka products. I’ve long been a big fan of Manduka - and still have my old PRO mat! I recently bought the GRP Adapt mat to try and loved it. It's a great mat for hot yoga - no more slipping! I provided loaner GRP Adapt mats and they were a huge hit; the students loved the feel and the grip. I have sold 38 in the last 2 months and need to order more!

A:  Lastly, How does MPY stay connected to the community and their students?

P: Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield is a community - one in which all are welcome and embraced. We have a vibrant common area that has student artwork on display, furniture donated by other students and a comfortable seating area with books, bowls of fresh fruit and donated baked goods... a little piece of everyone everywhere. 

We work hard to deepen the sense of community and commitment to the practice of yoga. In December, I held a challenge - take 30 classes in 30 days. Those who accomplished it received a GRP Adapt mat. 30 students entered the challenge and 10 won the mat. This contest brought the community together, helping create supportive and close-knit friendships.

We also have periodic Friday night social events after our 5pm class. These are casual, potluck-style gatherings where everyone brings food and drink to share. Sometimes we have a more planned event - perhaps a tarot card reading - but mostly we simply talk, laugh and have fun. My studio is all about community, everyone knows your name and is always glad you came.

Owner of Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield: Pamela Mead, RYT 200 and Baptiste-certified Yoga Teacher.

Photo credits: DB Press & Susan Ford Brand



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