Studio Spotlight - Khali Yoga Center

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Studio Spotlight - Khali Yoga Center

I had the pleasure of attending a few classes at Khali Yoga Center while visiting Charlotte, North Carolina. The minute I walked into the studio, I knew that there was something very special about this space. The aesthetic was beautiful, a neutral color palette amidst tons of natural light and plants everywhere. The energy of both the instructor and the students was positive and welcoming. Not to mention the brief hello from Cashew, the friendly standard poodle that calls Khali his second home. I was inspired and curious about this magical place, so I sat down with owner, teacher and student Lindsey Crisp to learn more.

The Beginnings
Lindsey took her first yoga class when she was 16 years old. A birthday present from her mom. She was an avid runner and accustomed to simply grinding it out. Yoga was the first time she had ever been told to breathe and experience her body in a loving way. That first class was the beginning of her journey, which led to her first teacher training followed by a constant hustle to make a full time living in the yoga industry.

The Mission for Khali Yoga Center
Lindsey wanted to create a space that offered a viable career for her employees. “If you are looking to make leading a spiritual community your full time profession then Khali is the place for you.” Additionally, Lindsey is passionate about making yoga financially accessible for all. She recalls being a young girl wanting to share the gift of yoga with friends, but the cost being a limiting factor. “We talk about self care being a lifelong practice, but we price it as a luxury,” said Lindsey. Committed to overcoming this challenge for her community, she offers a $12 drop in and an unlimited membership for $80.

“We talk about self care being a lifelong practice, but we price it as a luxury.”

A Vibrant Community & Packed Classes - the secret to her success
Lindsey believes that continuity is important and the relationship between a yoga teacher and the student is special and demands trust. She has made conscious choices in the creation of her business to ensure a safe practice space. There are no iPads at the front desk, so that each student is personally greeted by their instructor, the practice space is a technology free zone and Lindsey and her staff have vowed to never take photos or videos of students while in class. The teachers, the space and affordability are the keys to Khali’s success.

Class Offerings
Khali Yoga Center offers hot vinyasa, indoor/outdoor classes, slow flow and deep stretch. Most classes are not accompanied by music and there are no mirrors. Lindsey believes it is critical to “clear the distractions and that everything you need to know about your body you can feel, it doesn’t need to be seen”. Additionally, students can expect that all classes will be founded on a common methodology. Lindsey believes in aligned teaching and that she and her staff are one team.

In addition to classes and workshops, the Khali team is beyond excited for their first ever teacher training. Khali Yoga Center has a dedicated community that is eager to dive deeper into their practice. Lindsey believes that “this training is about peeling back the layers with yourself, so that you can get real with others”. The teacher training is a 6 week course that begins July 27.

“Everything you need to know about your body you can feel, it doesn't need to be seen.”

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