Let’s celebrate International Yoga Day! (and sustainability, everyday.)

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Let’s celebrate International Yoga Day!  (and sustainability, everyday.)

What’s green and earth-friendly and zen all over?

If you guessed “Organifi Green Juice and a soulfully-designed yoga mat”, you WIN!

Your gift for good-guessing is at the bottom of this page...

But, first:

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Manduka, a company created by yogis (and loved by teachers worldwide) to provide yoga equipment designed by mindful mentors.

Manduka’s Mission

We initially fell in love with Manduka because they practice what they preach.

Their goal - named “Products with a Purpose” - is to create responsibly-sourced yoga apparel and accessories while minimizing environmental waste. And every product reflects their belief system in a major way.

A line of yoga mats manufactured in emissions-free factories? Yes, please!
Another line of mats made from sustainably-harvested tree rubber? Absolutely!
And another line made with no chemical solvents, toxic glues, dyes, or phthalates in energy-efficient facilities? We’re speechless

Our Partnership = Your Perk

Organifi shares Manduka’s mission. By creating products that serve a better lifestyle, and also a better planet through sustainable sourcing, we’re contributing to the rise in conscious companies and consumers.

By joining forces with Manduka for International Yoga Day, Organifi is committed to supporting you both on and off your (brand new) mat.

Not only that, our Green Juice has similar rejuvenating, stress-lowering effects that come from a mind-freeing yoga flow; so you’d be doubling the good vibe experience by combining the two!

For International Yoga Day, treat yourself - and the planet - to a duo that won’t let you down, even on your most stressful days:

Reset with Organifi Green Juice
Re-center with a yoga mat from Manduka

Conscious Consumption

Ordering a sustainably-sourced superfood blend and a mindfully-made yoga mat are great ways to start the train on a personal journey to conscious consumption.

It can be overwhelming to try and overhaul everything at once and, just like with your health, it’s better to build endurance and think about the long-term, but also the feasibility of what you can do right now.

We recommend asking yourself a simple question as you start each day:

How can I make decisions today to support companies, people, and initiatives that align with my values?

Then, make conscious choices that support your answer to that question.

Your decision to choose impact-driven organizations like us - ones that walk the walk in our sourcing, packaging, and design decisions - is an incredible step in that direction.

We’re so proud that people like you are paying attention. To your health, but also to that of the planet.

It’s one of the many reasons our Organi-family is the best in the world.

We’re in this together!

See more of Manduka’s product portfolio and mindful mission here.



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