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Connect. Inspire. Practice. The Manduka Ambassador Program
Bethany Henderson
Malmö, Sweden
Alignment based vinyasa, hot yoga, yin yoga
Yoga Roots Lund, SE
200 hour E-RYT
Personal Mantra:
Be connected - to yourself, to your surroundings, to others
Get to know Bethany
In a past life I was…
A bird. In my dreams I fly :)
What's your ideal vacation?
A combination of relaxation and action! I love to travel and explore: new places, new foods, and new cultures. I spent this past summer in the south of Spain teaching yoga, relaxing by the beach and wandering the small coastal cities. A perfect balance for me :)
5 Things Bethany can't live without
1. My family
2. My yoga mat (my first manduka that has been with me for years)
3. Avocado toasts with salt and truffle oil (it's the best!)
4. Fresh air and open green spaces
5. Travel, travel, travel
3 tips you tell your yoga students
1. Step out of your comfort zone - allow yourself to grow
2. Let go of expectations - its only you and your mat
3. Don't get caught up with the physical - turn your intention inward. Breathe and connect.