Studio Spotlight: Upswell Dynamic Wellness

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Studio Spotlight: Upswell Dynamic Wellness

Meet Esa Williamson, Operations Manager at the newest dynamic studio in Glendale, CO.
Upswell was founded at the start of 2022 to bring dynamic wellness to Glendale, CO. We offer in-studio and outdoor wellness sessions that help you clear, move, play, and explore - our integrated approach to complete emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. You have a home at Upswell whether you come for our intelligently intense fitness, whole-body recovery, communal & coworking space, or wellness practitioners. Our mission is to help you feel good, stay active, and be vibrant!

Anna Helmin: Can you walk us through how Upswell created a dynamic wellness space?

Esa Williamson: We created this space so that people have a place to congregate and do the things they need to do so they feel healthy and vibrant. Our goal is to educate and facilitate a path for overall health and wellness. We call it our prescription to dynamic wellness.

We think of dynamic wellness as encompassing the whole person. We take into account your physical body, your emotional & mental state, as well as the quality of the relationships you have. So Upswell is dynamic wellness because we meet you where you are at any given moment and have offerings that support each of the above.

Anna Helmin: What are some other key elements of your studio that enhance the practice of your students?

Esa Williamson: Our Ignite, Vinyasa, and upSWOLL classes will help you build strength and cardiovascular health while our Burn and Release classes work on the myofascial and muscular release + stability and mobility. Our professional bodyworkers, coaches, an array of bodywork equipment, and infrared saunas offer a host of support for your mental and physical wellbeing. Finally, we have communal spaces to just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or snack and connect with friends or other community members. Sometimes you need a physically demanding class and sometimes you simply need a place to feel at home; we are that.

Anna Helmin: Can you explain your bodywork equipment?

Esa Williamson: Our bodywork equipment consists of Hyprice and Normatec recovery tools. Most of our members use these before and after class to lessen muscle soreness and speed up recovery. We love to educate our members on all the benefits of using these tools as means to help do more of what they love, more often. That's really the point.

Anna Helmin: How does Upswell stay connected to the community and their students?

Esa Williamson: Since part of our Rx for dynamic wellness includes a strong community, we take the time to build meaningful relationships with each one of our members. This helps us create an experience that is aligned with what they want and helps with solidifying their own personal commitment to wellness. We also love to connect over Instagram. You can follow or send us a message @upswelldynamicwellness. It is the best platform to stay up-to-date on all things happening at Upswell.



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