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Hot Yoga Mats

From hot yoga to transitions from pose to pose, your yoga practice will have you sweating. Whether you are heading to a hot yoga studio or hitting up the beach for a practice under the sun, we know that the temperature can turn up. Even though some consider yoga to be all about meditation, there are many times where sweat is inevitable and a firm grip and support is exactly what you need. Whether you are searching for absorbency, a grippy mat, or just one that can withstand the heat, our collection of designer hot yoga mats are ready for you to practice. Explore our collection of GRP® Adapt yoga mats, GRP® Lite yoga mats, Manduka PRO™ yoga mats, and PROlite® yoga mats. Whether you are searching for a lightweight mat or looking for one that is heavier, our selection of hot yoga mats will give you the cushioning you deserve and superior support, stability and joint protection. Easy to clean, you'll be able to drip all you want on these absorbent mats. Turn up the heat, keep your grip, and sweat with confidence, knowing that our hot yoga mats are here to make you secure in every practice.

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