Studio Spotlight: Just Bee Yoga

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Studio Spotlight: Just Bee Yoga

Kris Rumzis E-RYT Founder

Kris is the proud owner of Just Bee Yoga LLC and Just Bee Adventures LLC. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Physical Education. Kris has taught thousands of yoga classes over the past 10 years, including Vinyasa, Restorative, Survivor, Yin, Prenatal, Kids and her favorite Stand Up Paddle Board yoga.

Anna Helmin: Tell us about Just Bee Yoga and how it evolved. What is your goal or mission?
Kris Rumzis: Just Bee Yoga evolved from two of my greatest passions: yoga and nature. I've always been fascinated by the dance of the bee and the role bees play in nature. For me, the bee represents Love. The bee spreads its pollen from one flower to another to sustain life. The word yoga means too yoke or connect mind, body and spirit. I also believe it means to connect with one another. The pollination process also symbolizes our social nature. Bees live and work as a community within their hive. My vision for Just Bee Yoga is to create a nurturing, safe environment to promote others to "Come as they are “, "Bee who they are” without judgement to themselves or others while practicing Yoga.
Our mantras BEE KIND/ BEE GRATEFUL/ BEE YOU are written over the door as you enter the studio (AKA the Hive).
Anna Helmin: Can you walk us through how Just Bee Yoga creates a space that reflects nature and its elements?
Kris Rumzis: It was important for me to create a sacred space that reflects nature and its elements. In nature we can accept things just as they are, without judgement. We can take this same approach when we practice yoga. Our thoughtfully designed space has a “farmhouse yogi vibe” which was inspired by my love for nature. The clean, white ship-lap walls represent ether (space). No mirrors allow students to let go of ego and focus more inward. The soothing sounds of the water fountain remind us to go with the flow. Earth elements such as rocks, wood and plants breathe fresh oxygen and life into the room. Grounding wood floors and thousand-year-old teak shelves neatly hold all of our Manduka props. Natural light is abundant in the five windows that face west (beautiful sunsets). They are framed with handmade shutters that are painted with colors that represent the elements. The sun is represented by the therapeutic infrared heat panels that are built into the ceiling to warm you comfortably inside and out. Also gracing the ceiling are the Edison chandeliers that resemble honey drips, so we never forget the sweetness of life.
Anna Helmin: Tell us more about your yoga journey. What have you found to be your key to success?
Kris Rumzis: I walked in my first yoga class 24 years ago and was hooked. Eventually, I became an RYT and over the past 12 years have taught thousands of various yoga classes locally and internationally. In addition to a diverse weekly schedule, I continue to lead teacher trainings, retreats, workshops and yoga events. In 2018 I decided to venture out on my own and follow my dream of owning my own studio. Just Bee Yoga was born in the quaint community of Long Grove, IL.
In 2020, I found myself challenged by a breast cancer diagnosis and my business closing down because of the Covid epedemic. We struggled to pay rent like so many other small business. Practicing an attitude of gratitude kept me grounded, centered and present. With the help of family, friends and community we kept the Hive alive through online Classes and sales from our online boutique. We were grateful for companies like Manduka who helped us sell retail without having to stock merchandise.
My humbling struggles during this time also inspired me to form a yoga cancer support group called, Thriver which I host at the studio. I am honored to be part of this incredible group of warriors. Breath by breath we hold space for one another. This has been one of my highlights of owning the studio.
I believe the success of Just Bee can be attributed to our Just Bee Staff, authentic teachers our members and overall "Thrive with our Hive” attitude. We strive to be kind, compassionate and make everyone feel welcome. Each teacher has their own unique style and personality that they bring to each of their classes. There is a true sense of community and belonging that keeps are members coming back.
Just Bee has been a family affair. I could not have been successful without the help of them. My husband, Ed, and all of our 6 kids spent countless hours building and designing the studio space, website and they still help to support the business. My three daughters also trained with me to become RYTs and all teach from time to time at the Hive. I am a new “Nama" of 3 grand babies and its been so rewarding to see this next generation participate in prenatal, baby and toddler classes at the studio. I am truly grateful and blessed.
Just Bee Yoga
Anna Helmin: How does Just Bee Yoga stay connected to the community and their students?
Kris Rumzis: I truly believe that we all have the power to inspire each other to strive to Bee the best that they can Bee. As a hive, we make efforts to give back to our wonderful community and let our actions serve others. This has been through fundraisers, donations, and volunteering with other local non-profits and charities. My team and I strive to create an atmosphere of community in all that we do. Our members have enjoyed getting to know one another at retreats, social events at the studio, and even shopping in the boutique after class. The greatest sign of success for me, is seeing the beautiful friendships that have developed as a result of our Hive.



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