Retail 101: The 3 Items Every Yoga Studio Should Sell

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Retail 101: The 3 Items Every Yoga Studio Should Sell

So you've decided to start selling retail in your studio - Welcome to the retail business! It's always a challenge to determine where to start, but we are here to help. You may be wondering - "what are the best products to sell?" when creating your space?

Keep reading below to find out.

1. The Yoga Mat You Can Recommend

If you could only choose one thing to sell, it must be a yoga mat! Most of us went to our first yoga class, practiced on a foam mat, and thought - "yeah, yoga is not for me...".

That's why Manduka enlists a team of mat scientists to study which qualities make the best yoga mat and how to ensure our mats beat every other one on the market - so any Manduka mat you recommend is best-in-class.

Selling is easy when you love the product - so start with the mat you practice on and know well. If you aren't familiar with mats, buy a few different ones and test them out - have your teachers do the same - so you know which is for every kind of practitioner.

2. The Prop to Support Your Practice

While sometimes we can get away with just a mat, you will better support your practice and retail business by adding the props crucial to your student's practice.

If you run a hot yoga studio, selling towels is a must! If restorative and slower yoga flows are popular at your studio, straps and blocks are your next go-to. Maybe your students are serious about staying clean? Stock up on mat wash.

3. The Fun & Colorful Statement Piece

We all know a visually appealing retail space makes students want to shop. Having a unique piece, print, color, or limited edition item draws the eye - even if customers don't purchase that item.

Sticking to classic colors and basics is great to start, but don't be afraid to throw in a couple units of a color popping or intricately printed mat. A product with your logo on it is another great option (talk to your rep for Custom product!).


Want help selecting the right items to enhance your retail or studio experience? Reach out to your Manduka rep!

Not sure who your rep is? Login to your account and click here.

Written by: Annabelle van Schravendijk.

Manduka Account Executive - East Coast 



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