Retail 101: 4 Ways to Merchandise Yogitoes+

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Retail 101: 4 Ways to Merchandise Yogitoes+

At Manduka we make products with purpose - so we launched an updated version of our classic Yogitoes towels, the Yogitoes+, in order to minimize our impact on the environment while still delivering a high performance towel. Yogitoes+ uses 53% more recycled fibers from plastic water bottles than the classic Yogitoes while never compromising the high performance that saves many yogis from slipping in a sweaty yoga session.

The Yogitoes+ comes in updated packaging to provide better visibility at the print and fabric. Though the packaging has changed, make sure to let your customers know- it's the same amazing Yogitoes performance they know and love.

Wondering how to merchandise the new hanging Yogitoes+? Read below for 4 easy and creative ways to merchandise the product.

1. Use Slat Wall Hooks

Slat walls are an easy way to create a retail space that can be customized and changed frequently. If you already have a slat wall, you'll likely have hooks or if not - they are inexpensive additions and very versatile. Yogitoes+ are at their best when hung eye level so customers can touch, feel and appreciate the beautiful fabric.

2. Folded & Stacked

Fold the extra hanging material neatly behind the paper packaging and stack Yogitoes+ by color, or alternate colors to make each stand out. If you don't have the ability to hang anywhere, this is a great option as it makes the towels more compact and you can fit them on a front desk, shelving, or tables.

3. Tabletop Fan

If you have worked in retail stores or even gone in to shop... you know the power of laying products in an artful manner on a tabletop! With their thin packaging, Yogitoes+ can be laid out in a half circle flat on a table top - feel free to get creative with the colors, alternating or creating a gradient. Plus, we love mixing different style of merchandising to catch a customer's eye - stacking on one shelf to save space while displaying the towels flat to show the prints.

4. Get Creative with Hangers

Our EU team tested displaying Yogitoes+ on wooden trouser hangers, with great results. We've had customers already take to this approach with classic Yogitoes to show patterns better! To keep barcodes and packaging, flatten the belly band or box packaging and clip to the back of the hanger.

An extra bonus in this picture: You can hang Yogitoes+ not only on hooks, but anywhere that would accommodate the small hanger size. You can use everything from thumb tacks to coat hooks.

However you merchandise your Yogitoes+, there's no right or wrong way. The keys are educating customers, showing your excitement about the product, moving product around frequently, and keeping products at eye level. Yogitoes+ are a colorful, standout product that can make a great focal point or accent to your display. Get creative and practice on!

Written by: Annabelle van Schravendijk.

Manduka Account Executive - East Coast



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