Manduka PRO™ Extra Large Yoga and Exercise Mat


Added density creates a firm, yet comfortable platform that protects sensitive joints. Provides the best support & stability on almost any surface.


Extremely durable material can withstand your toughest workouts.


Keeps moisture and bacteria on the surface of the mat, increasing longevity and making post-class cleanup a breeze.


The PRO Series is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️ (12.HUS.17706 | Hohenstein HTTI) to keep you and your family safe from harmful substances.

The #1 mat recommended
by teachers worldwide

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    My PRO mat is my greatest support system. It has been there to catch me when I fall. It has soaked up tears of pain and joy and reflected back to me my power and strength. Whenever I am on it I am not only held, I am home.

    Sarah Ezrin, Yoga Teacher

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    The Manduka Pro mat supports me through the movement of change, keeps me grounded as I weather the storm of my practice, and never fails to be there when I need it most. It’s the best mat on the market, and the only one I’ve used since I got my first one many years ago.

    Sean Gray, Yoga Teacher

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    Manduka knows mats and I trust them with mine. I have the PRO Mat and I adore it. The grip is great, the cushion is on point for my creaky knees and the XL is perfect for this tall Yogi! I look forward to several decades of practice with this mat.

    Ivorie Jenkins, Yoga Teacher

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    I bought my PRO mat 16 years ago. It’s held my sweat and tears, it’s supported me through three pregnancies, multiple injuries and has been both my launching pad and landing pad.

    Kelly Moore, Yoga Teacher