Yoga For Your Little: Never Too Young To Start

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Yoga For Your Little: Never Too Young To Start
Photo credit: Desi Bartlett Global Ambassador's son, Rocket.

When did you start practicing yoga?

For most of us, yoga practice begins in adulthood. However, starting yoga as a child has a multitude of benefits.

The earlier we engage with yoga and meditation, the sooner we can reap the rewards of the practice. For young children, establishing a regular yoga practice can set up the framework for a healthy and balanced life.

Emotional regulation

Yoga and meditation give young people greater insight into their emotions and understanding of their thoughts. This in turn allows them to self-regulate; to manage their emotions, thoughts and feelings in a healthy and constructive way.

Then, when faced with challenges, children have the tools to cope and handle adversity with resilience.

Reduce anxiety and stress

Children face a variety of stressors; exam pressure, relationships, family dynamics and social media can all contribute to heightened anxiety and stress levels.

Yoga is well recognized for its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety, moderating the body’s stress response system. Understanding this as a child is hugely powerful. By appreciating the interconnection between the body, breath and mind, young people can gain invaluable insight into how to manage their anxiety.


For children, the holds and balances in yoga work to build muscle strength and provide extra protection against injuries. Regular asana movement aids balance, endurance and aerobic activity in young people, contributing to a much healthier lifestyle.

Research suggests regular exercise raises self-esteem and can contribute to a positive outlook, thereby adding to mental wellbeing.

photo credit: @nicolebest.yogamama


Practicing yoga can help us to cultivate compassion, both with ourselves and with others. By promoting greater self-awareness, yoga helps children to better relate with their peers and family members.

Concentration & focus

The slow and mindful movement can help to improve the attention span of young children. The focus required to hold a pose or balance for several breaths can be applied elsewhere in life, giving young people the tools to concentrate on the task at hand.

Sharing yoga with children is the greatest gift you can give.

photo credit: @nicolebest.yogamama

How to get started with your kids?

Join yoga teacher and Manduka ambassador Desi Bartlett and her 6 year old son Rocket in a yoga flow for better sleep.

Yoga for Kids > 7 minute video

Words by Melissa Albarran, YAP and Manduka.



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