The Education of a Yogi Never Stops

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Manduka Yoga Education

We are told to always keep learning. Learn what motivates your life, your goals and ambitions. Learn what feels good for your body.

Learning is a fundamental part of yoga. Through the practice we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our body and mind. We learn about our relationships and how to respond to the world around us. And when we think we know everything? We learn some more.

This is why courses and workshops are so vital for passionate yogis. Beyond the classroom setting these events allow us to delve deeper into the subjects welove, those topics that peak our interest, that we justcan’t stop talking about, much to the annoyance of our family.

And when it comes to learning, we want to study under the best. Seasoned yoga trainers who know exactly what they are talking about, who can give you the skills to excel in your practice.

A good place to start is with the Yoga Alliance Professionals Training Academy. The new online platform of Yoga Alliance Professionals (one of the International yoga accreditation body) is full of free further training courses for yoga enthusiasts. Led by expert yoga professionals, each short course will guide you through a specific topic that will take your yoga practice to the next level.

Manduka Yoga Education

These short courses give yoga practitioners and teachers alike the space to learn, to focus and to stay motivated with their practice. Covering subjects such as stress, safety through awareness, strength and the respiratory system, the Training Academy offers accessible means for students to continue their lifelong learning journey.

From mastering backbends to the art of adjusting, each course on the platform is designed to further the student’s knowledge in specialist areas of yoga. Courses cater to all abilities, offering options both for first-time yoga practitioners and experienced teacher trainers to learn new material.

We invite you to up your further training and learn new skills through each free training course. To give it a go and build your yoga skills, click here.

The day you stop learning is the day you stop living.

About Yoga Alliance Professionals: Yoga Alliance Professionals is the UK's leading professional body for yoga teachers and trainers. Established in 2006, the not-for-profit organisation seeks to support yoga teachers excel in their career, transforming their passion into a profession. Learn more about their offering:



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