From Our Friends at Seea: Finding Balance in Work, Surf and Yoga Teacher Training

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From Our Friends at Seea: Finding Balance in Work, Surf and Yoga Teacher Training

What’s it like to plunge into a 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training while working full-time? Seea production manager (and our style + yoga muse) Heathyr Smyth did shares her story.

Photos by Heidi Zumbrun and Luki O'Keefe.

Heathyr Smyth’s first impression of yoga nearly seven years ago was similar to what many landlocked residents feel about surfing: ‘That looks pretty fun, but I’m scared of looking stupid.’

In Heathyr’s case, she watched online yoga videos until she felt courageous enough to visit a studio. At her first class, she found new friends and a welcoming community, wondering why it took her so long to shake her insecurities and begin. “From that first class, I knew this would be a lifelong practice,” she says. “Wherever I’ve moved, I’ve found a community in yoga.”

Heathyr joined Seea almost two years ago as Production Manager, where she works closely with designers to follow swimsuits from first samples to final pieces. Of course, things can get stressful and that’s exactly when she finds yoga so helpful: “It has a way of bringing me back down to earth, grounding and healing as it pushes growth from the inside out.”

Her Teacher Training Journey
I did my first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 because I wanted to deepen my practice. Yoga had become very significant in my life, a place where I could work things out on my mat that I hadn’t been able to do anywhere else. After this recent 500-hour cycle, I discovered that sharing the practice and self-exploration has been key my growth.

Carrying Yoga Throughout Work + Life
My yoga practice stays with me from the smallest things to the biggest. Getting in tune with myself has aligned my various activities and harmoniously combined them with balance.

I try to maintain mindful posture while sitting and, of course, smiling helps relieve tension. We try to keep it pretty light at work, but always stay mindful of building co-workers up. Encouragement and meaningful compliments can change a mood or make a bad day good.

Advice for Future Teachers
If you’ve thought about doing yoga teacher training, just do it. It will never be the right time, so just make it a priority. If you replace the words “I don’t have enough time” with “That’s just not a priority right now,” you can change your mindset. Make yourself a priority. You do have time.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the practice, I also recommend trying out a retreat. This can kick start or deepen your practice by completely immersing yourself in a lifestyle that you take back into your daily life. Check out the Yoga/Surf retreat I am hosting in May in Troncones, Mexico called Wild Meridians that’s based on yoga, surfing and vegan cuisine. I’m giving away a spot on the retreat so check out the Instagram on how to enter!

Fave Manduka Products

When I started my first YTT, I bought myself a ProLite. I did hours of research and knew exactly what I wanted. A great mat like this will make all the difference starting at your foundation. Some of my favorite props are straps, blocks, bolsters and cotton blankets.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is for anybody and everybody. With the tools I’ve learned through teacher training, it’s starting to click more and more. I can see it in class when the words I use make a difference in how the class moves. When students come back the next week, I really smile and know that lives are changing and people are becoming more aware and awakened. That’s the feeling that keeps me coming back for more.



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