Studio Spotlight: The Daily Sweat Kennebunk

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Studio Spotlight: The Daily Sweat Kennebunk

Owner Tiffany Lathrop (left) and members of The Daily Sweat team


Located in Kennebunk, Maine, The Daily Sweat is a yoga and barre studio focused on helping individuals and families find health, wellness, and community. We asked founder and teacher Tiffany Lathrop to share more about her inspirations, goals for the studio, and building community.



“I actually started my yoga journey on a dare. I went to Northeastern University at the time; I was living in Boston as a sophomore in college, interning in Cambridge, out too late and drinking too much,” Tiffany reminisces. “One of my coworkers had practiced Bikram in the past and said we should start going before work each day. I was terrified.”

In her first class, Tiffany was next to a thermometer on the floor that read 114°F, and since it was rainy out, the air was thick with humidity.

“I was behind a woman the teacher mentioned was in her 80s, and I spent most of the class watching her glide through pose after pose, full expression, I remember wanting my body to move like hers,” remembers Tiffany. “My first few years with yoga were a little touch and go; however, starting in 2007 I never looked back. I've practiced 5-7 days per week since then and I never regret time on my mat.”


Tiffany opened The Daily Sweat in Kennebunk, ME in June of 2019. At the time, she had a one-year-old and had spent the previous 9 months teaching 21 classes per week in three different states. She was exhausted, and after paying tolls plus a nanny she made about $23 each week. Tiffany realized that if she was trying too hard to practice and take classes that she loved, others must be traveling outside the area too. She had never really thought about owning her own business before though; even with a college degree in Marketing and Management, she wasn’t how to go about getting started. With a little nudge from her husband, Tiffany found her way through googling and by receiving guidance from previous studio owners she had taught for.

“To this day, I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a strong support system I can lean into,” says Tiffany.


The Daily Sweat offers yoga and barre classes.


Our mission is to ensure that every person that walks through our doors feels welcomed, safe and inspired through a balanced wellness program that will stretch, strengthen and get your heart pumping.

We are intentional. We believe in being “present where your feet are”. When we walk through our doors, we arrive. To support you. We want to ensure that every class you take goes above and beyond anything you could ever imagine. We aim to have you leave with new energy, new love, and new fire for the amazing person you are.

We saved you a spot. We are fanatical about inclusion in our community. We strive to be a home filled with people who are more different than alike. We believe that old and young both have something to teach one another, every shape and size can lift one another up, every emotional state needs a hug AND a high-five, and every person deserves to feel like they belong.

We are better than yesterday. We are growth-minded. We believe that our only competition is who we were yesterday. We make vision boards, we share our assets, and we inspire ourselves too. Because we can’t change your world if our world isn’t continually changing too.

We are here for you. We believe in showing up for others with our hands, our hearts and our minds. We believe if you share with us what is broken, we can fix it. And we will. We know we make mistakes and when we do, we own them. We believe we are here to support our community and it’s because of our community that we are here.

We choose sweating. Every. Single. Day. We choose sweating because we believe in what we do. We believe time on our mats gives us a positive outlook. We choose to ground ourselves in gratitude. We want to work in an environment with amazing energy—the kind you can feel when you walk through the door.

Tiffany prides the studio on being a welcoming, safe, and inspiring space.


The Daily Sweat works closely with other partners in the Southern Maine community. Throughout the summer months, the studio connects with local businesses to add weekly outdoor classes and hosts up to 40 classes each week. The team also attends monthly chamber events, ribbon cuttings etc. and partner with a different local business each month to provide a gift to their yearly members.

Tiffany shares that as a studio, they hope to strengthen the community around them. They hold donation-based classes throughout the year to raise money for local nonprofits, donate to auctions in the community, sponsor events, and more.

In addition to holding donation-based classes, in 2022 they donated raffle items and time to several organizations in the Southern Maine area including: Baby Girl Foundation, Foundation4Love, Special Surfers, Kennebunkport Conservation Trust, Kennebunk Free Library, Local schools, Animal Welfare Society, St. David's, Senior Center, Maine Needs, and more.


Tiffany and her team actively support and partner with local businesses and organizations year-round.



As a studio, The Daily Sweat collects items for the local shelter during the holidays. To celebrate as a team, Tiffany says that they usually go out to dinner at a local restaurant, but this year they are going to team-build by making their own dinner at a hands-on cooking experience!

As for family traditions, Tiffany loves: going to breakfast with Santa, cutting down their own tree and eating grandma's fried dough for breakfast on Christmas morning. “It's something the whole family looks forward to all year long!”



Tiffany draws inspiration from her teachers and her yoga studies. Since opening The Daily Sweat, she has completed multiple trainings to deepen her own practice and is still studying weekly to bring more richness and depth into every class she teaches.

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Learn more about The Daily Sweat at their website and on Instagram @thedailysweatkennebunk.



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