Mary Beth LaRue: Inspiring the Practice

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Mary Beth LaRue: Inspiring the Practice

At Manduka, we were founded on the simple concept of creating a foundation to support those (teachers, studios, community guides) who Inspire the Practice. The yoga teachers and studios inspire more than they will ever know. They become people and places of familiarity, comfort, community, and joy. They help create strength in the chaos. They push us when needed and grant space when it's best. They facilitate our own 'moments' on and off the mat. Quite simply, they are our inspiration.

With that, we continue our “Inspire the Practice” campaign with celebrating teachers from Maui, HI, to Los Angeles, CA to Miami, FL, to Evergreen, CO by telling their stories. As they have gotten to know us, we now ask about them. Who are they? Why are they doing this work? What is their mission? What makes them laugh? What music do they like? What do they like to do when they are not leading our communities? What inspires THEM?

Manduka is grateful for the thousands of teachers and studios who make it part of their life's work to create a sanctuary for us to move our bodies, free our minds, and find peace. Even if for a moment, we honor you and say thank YOU for Inspiring the Practice. Inspiration is what unites us all to make ourselves and this world a better place.

Let's take off on this journey together to celebrate those that #InspirethePractice.



Mary Beth LaRue is the creator of Embodied by MB, embodiment-based offerings which includes virtual yoga classes, a slow flow yoga teacher training, an online Embodied Accountability coaching program, retreats and more.

She lives on a mountaintop in Colorado with her husband, almost six year old son and two crazy bulldog puppies. She loves road trips, books, writing, a good cup of coffee, being in nature and all things and all humans with soul.


  • Name: Mary Beth LaRue
  • Residence: Evergreen, CO
  • Occupation: Yoga Teacher
  • Cause: Extraordinary Families



I came to the yoga mat a few times before I really, truly landed there. That day I was twenty two years old and just getting by physically, mentally, emotionally. I ended up in a carpeted rowhouse in Washington DC while our teacher guided us through a series of simple shapes set to a reggae soundtrack.

Never, ever in my life had I felt the sort of space I felt in that moment.

Up until that point physical activity equaled punishment. Other people's ideas of how I should live my life were both my road map and my cage. And I had certainly never come across a philosophy and spiritual practice with some kindness and breathing room in it. My practice, over almost twenty years, has shifted again and again. Sometimes it needs to mostly take place on a meditation cushion, sometimes on a yoga mat, sometimes on a mountain trail. But I remind myself this - come as you are. The practice doesn't need to be perfect or look like anyone else's but rather as a reflection of meeting myself where I am at.

Filling my cup, sometimes to the brim, sometimes a few drops, so I am able to show up dynamically as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, teacher, human. And mostly so I can find my own rhythm again. Hear my own voice, my own intuition. Turn down the volume on this often very loud world of ours.

One of my favorite things Donna Farhi speaks to is practicing in every season of life. When you are feeling content, practice. When you are feeling disempowered, practice. When you are grieving, practice. When this is our intent toward our practice, it remains our constant.

That's what I want for my students, it's what drives me to teach and offer space in the way I do. I will help them find a life raft, a soft place, a coming home.



In this gentle yet powerful practice, Mary Beth will guide you through a sequence designed to open your heart center, cultivate self-love, and leave you feeling grounded. This Heart Opening Slow Flow is perfect for anyone seeking balance and a sense of inner peace.




As part of our Inspire the Practice campaign with Mary Beth, Manduka has donated $2500 to Extraordinary Families. Extraordinary Families is a leading nonprofit foster family, adoption and advocacy agency in Los Angeles near and dear to Mary Beth's heart.

“We fostered our son from the time he was six days old until he was 2.5 years old when we were able to finally adopt him. It was through this journey of uncertainty that I leaned hard into my practice and community, as well as the amazing support system at Extraordinary Families.” - Mary Beth

Mary Beth has recommended that we donate to this charity to support her community teaching efforts and we are more than happy to.

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