Home Practice with PRO Squared by Esther Kim

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Home Practice with PRO Squared by Esther Kim

Ten years ago, I stepped into my first hot yoga class on the promise to a friend that I would just “give it one try.” Needless to say, it was one of the most challenging things I had ever experienced but I was hooked. Soon thereafter, I was practicing all the time in studio and at home in my make-shift home practice corner.

I was driving my husband crazy because I would stop in the middle of anywhere (inside the home and out) to either strike a yoga pose or work on my inversions. My three young children watched in excitement and curiosity as I folded, twisted, and flipped upside down doing “yoga things” everyday.

One day, a friend texted to tell me about this “enormous yoga mat” she had found. Next thing I know, she was driving over the huge yoga mat she had stuffed into her Prius to my house. I set aside an open space in my basement and rolled out this big hefty mat. That is how my home practice began with the Manduka PRO Squared Yoga Mat.

That Manduka mat has been the staple base of my home practice for over eight years now. It is my “home” where I have sat countless times to begin my daily yoga practices. I have also shared that mat space with my three curious children as they have grown up over the years. Their curious eyes have brought their eager feet to try poses that I had been practicing. I have also sat many times with my husband, children, dog and even sometimes yoga friends to either sit and catch up, get a workout in, or even just to lie down and breathe while getting in some stretches after a long tiresome week. My Manduka Pro Squared Mat has lasted with consistent durability and has always been so easy to clean with minimal maintenance.

Even though my home practice has also encompassed more than just yoga asana over the years, my Manduka Pro Squared Mat has also welcomed my strength workouts, kettlebell training and more. It has continued to provide a safe and strong haven with ample room for exploration and learning for whatever the seasons have brought in my movement practice.

I am and always will be grateful for how much “space” the Pro Square Mat has provided for me to grow and experience each new evolving season. With gratitude and joy, I look forward to the many new things that are still to come.

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