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Yoga Mats


Looking for your soul mat? Our yoga mat guide is here to help.


Yoga Mats

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    Yoga Mats

    Not all yoga mats are created equally. Sometimes the only thing holding you back from personal breakthroughs is the wrong foundation. At Manduka, you can find your soul mat, the strong base for learning the centering spirit of yoga. At the dawn of a new practice, the quest for centeredness can start with Manduka. These are the products that studios and students alike have stood by since 1997. Even a well-seasoned yogi will find that a better mat makes all the difference. These yoga mats are made of quality, eco-friendly materials that revolutionize the practice.

    Every detail is a conscious decision driven toward the most quality product imaginable. They have unmatched wet grip and durability while also being made of sustainable tree rubber. These features contribute to Manduka’s small ecological footprint. In fact, our manufacturing process contributes zero waste and emissions into the environment. Even the mats are 100% recyclable, making them the first ever of this kind. This may be the more difficult road to travel to produce the best products, but maintaining harmony with both your practice and the Earth is of the utmost importance.