Manduka Yoga Video Lessons Manduka Yoga Video Lessons

Enhance your home studio with free classes led by Manduka Ambassadors so you can #practiceon.

Home Yoga with Halle

Join Halle Miroglotta in a gentle home practice to strengthen and get your blood circulating.

Mary Beth LaRue Flow

Join Mary Beth LaRue in a 20-minute short and sweet heart opening flow.

Nelson Solis

Join Nelson Solis in a 60-minute holistic yoga practice.

Gratitude Flow with Cristina Ortega

Join Cristina Ortega in a 45-minute yoga flow focused on the practice of gratitude.

Chip McLain Santosha Flow

Join Chip McLain in a challenging and progressive 60-minute vinyasa flow.

Meditation with Liz Arch

Join Global Ambassador Liz Arch in a 20-minute guided meditation.

Open Up and Flow with Neeti

Join Neeti in this fun vinyasa style flow. Explore binds to learn how to open up from points of resistance and closure.

Lori Ann Ferreri Flow from Paris

Lori Ann Ferreri teaches at Modo Yoga NYC. Here, she leads us through a beautiful 45 minute dynamic vinyasa flow from Paris, France.

Vinyasa Flow with Liz

This flow is perfect for releasing tensions your hips and shoulders while clearing the mind and connecting to your heart. Namaste!

Yoga Flow with Sita

Sita Sunar offers a rejuvenating yoga flow from Amsterdam.

Meditate with Anne

Take 8 minutes to yourself with this meditation by Anne McHargue

Restore with Lara Estrada

Lara leads a relaxing 30 minute restorative practice here. Perfect to reconnect and support your body after a long day.

Danielle's Devotional Yoga Flow

This class includes grounding, chanting, delicious vinyasa flow and meditation.

Yoga Nidra with Nina

This meditation explores body, mind and soul in a playful guided sequence perfect for anyone looking to relax and calm your mind

Breathwork with Mia

Join Mia in this meditation to connect with you breath and find calm.