Live On

We've partnered with the Renewal Workshop
to create a zero waste program for both old and new mats.

Here's How It Works:


Move On

When you purchase a mat from you may add the LiveOn program for $10.


Live On

When your new mat arrives, send back your old one with the included prepaid shipping label. Note that we'll accept ANY brand of yoga mat.


Practice On

With our friends at The Renewal Workshop, we’ll recycle your mat into materials used to improve communities everywhere.

So go ahead and get that new mat.
You deserve it.


What's the inspiration behind LiveOn?

Sustainability has always been a focus of our practice. As one of the largest producers of yoga mats, we challenged ourselves to keep them out of landfills. From creating mats with the most sustainable materials to implementing a zero-waste mat recycling program, we’ve come a long way in keeping our planet clean, healthy and optimistic.

Who Is The Renewal Workshop?

The Renewal Workshop is a passionate group of people dedicated to creating change in the textile industry. As large proponents of recycling apparel, TRW have upped their game to now recycle hard goods. We’re excited to partner with such experienced leaders in sustainability.

Check out their website to learn more:

Renewal Workshop

What really happens when mats are recycled?

Manduka Renewal System

How the Renewal System works.

The collected mats are ground down into material, which can be used in all sorts of things: home insulation, running tracks, apparel, the list goes on.

Is this program available everywhere?

Because great initiatives take a little time...the LiveOn program is currently only available in the US. We are working diligently to bring this program to our customers worldwide. Stay tuned!

Find the mat that’s right for you.
Give your old mat, and your practice, new life.