Manduka LiveOn Mat Renewal Workshop
Manduka Live On Yoga Mat Recycling

A Circular Solution For Yoga Mats

As one of the largest producers of yoga mats, we’ve challenged ourselves to help keep them out of landfills.

We created our LiveON program as the first step in implementing a zero-waste yoga mat cycle, helping our planet stay cleaner and greener.

The impact on our planet

The Impact

With your help, we’re making a positive impact on our planet, one mat at a time.

Since 2018:

  • yoga mats have been collected.
  • pounds of materials have been recycled, downcycled and diverted from landfills.
How you can participate

How You Can Participate

  • Add the LiveOn Program kit to your cart when purchasing your new Manduka mat.
  • When your new mat arrives, place your old mat in the box and attach the included prepaid shipping label. (Please note: we'll accept ANY brand of yoga mat.)
  • We’ll take it from here and downcycle your mat.
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The Renewal System
  • What Happens To Your Old Gear?

    What Happens To Your Old Gear?


    The mat goes through a process called downcycling and is ground into pieces and repurposed into other products or ingredients of other products.

    Think: carpet padding, animal shelter bedding, track surfaces, and soles of shoes.