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Thick Yoga Mats

Manduka's thick yoga mats provide the comfort and support needed for any type of practice.

Thick Yoga Mats

Manduka’s Thick Yoga Mats

The PRO® yoga mat is 6mm thick, compared to the more common 4mm thickness. The PRO is a thick yoga mat that offers ultra-dense support, but the added density adds to its weight as well. The PRO mat weighs 7.5 pounds, compared to the PROlite which is 4 pounds and 4.7mm thick.

Designed for hot yoga, the GRP® mat is also 6mm thick, offering more support, but weighing a bit less at about 5 pounds. The GRP mat is a great choice for hot yoga practitioners looking for a thick yoga mat.

The eKO® yoga mat is a 5mm mat that is made from biodegradable natural tree rubber (non-Amazon-harvested). The eKO mat also boasts a zero-waste manufacturing process.

The MDK FIT® fitness mat is the thickest mat available at 8mm. While those looking for a thick yoga mat could certainly opt for the MDK FIT, this mat is most often used for floor exercises, including cross-training, HIIT, mat pilates, plyometrics, and barre. It’s important to note that the MDK FIT is shorter than a standard yoga mat at 56 inches (142cm) compared to the 71 inches (180cm) of a standard yoga mat.

Choosing a Thick Yoga Mat: The ideal thick yoga mat for you will largely depend on your practice style and height. For example, if you practice hot yoga, the GRP hot yoga mat may be a great choice. The eKO mat is the only thick yoga mat that comes in both Standard and Long sizes, so if you are tall and need more space, you may consider the eKO. If being lightweight and portable is important in your search for a thick yoga mat, then the GRP mat may be an excellent choice, coming in at the recommended 6mm of thickness, but weighing 2.5 pounds less than the PRO mat.

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