Inspired by the Sun and the Moon, the Story of the Eko Equa Round Mat

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Inspired by the Sun and the Moon, the Story of the Eko Equa Round Mat

It was 2007 and I was sitting on my yoga mat practicing when I had an “aha moment.” In yoga, our movements are inspired by the luminaries, so if we are practicing sun and moon salutations why not have a mat shaped in honor of them? Thus, began my journey of designing what you now know as the Eko eQua Round Mat.

How the Round Yoga Mat was Developed


I’ve been in the field of yoga and fitness for a long time, and had a good idea of what the mat needed…but this project was a little bit different. I knew I wanted this round mat to be big, bold, and beautiful! I was so excited to share the message of movement by using designs with arcs and spirals. I even created a new class for a major fitness chain and sold the mats into several locations. Around this time, I also found out that I was pregnant with my first son, Cruz.

Bumps in the Road for the Round Mat

Things were going great at first…then we started running into unforeseen issues. Quality control problems arose with the material and certain colors were making the surface slick. Although my dream was intact, I knew that I couldn’t fix all of the issues while pregnant. It was just a little too much to take on at that time. And, time turned out to be exactly what this project needed. I needed to grow as a product designer, and more importantly as a mom. So I parted ways amicably with the mat manufacturer and decided to pause.

The Round Mat is Revived

That much-needed pause lasted 11 years (I’m sure many moms can relate!) When I started working with Manduka in 2018 I looked at the beautiful craftsmanship and I knew that the time was right to bring back the round mat.

During my so-called “break” I had two babies, released ten DVDs, six Beachbody videos, and I wrote a prenatal yoga book. Empowering mothers is a real joy for me, so it was super important that I find a way to make the round mat great for moms, babies, pets, and families. Manduka’s product director, Craig Stiff and I got to work on creating a product that is non-toxic, safe, soft, and easy to clean.

The Round Yoga Mat: Inspired by Mothers and the Moon

Now that the materials were perfected, it was time to choose a print. We looked at some of the existing designs within the Manduka line, and it was the Marketing Director, who suggested looking to the moon. My heart leaped with joy when I saw the prints because the moon is a symbol for women, the cycles of a woman’s life, AND because my last name at birth was Luna. The moon pattern felt like a tribute to all of the amazing women around the world, who work so hard to chase their dreams, including but not limited to the dream of motherhood.

The Best Round Yoga Mat by Manduka

We released the eQua eKO Round Yoga Mat in two designs: Luna Sunrise and Luna Night just in time for Mother’s Day 2019. Our first run sold out and I’m so pleased to share that the mat is back and available in the USA and the EU. Motherhood taught me patience, grace, and how to never give up on my dreams. I have two little boys at home who look to see how I show up in this world. I’m so incredibly grateful that my patience and trust in divine right timing led to this amazing partnership.

Story about the Luna Round Yoga Mat by Manduka Video



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