Collection: Long and Large Yoga Mats

For taller yogis, or those just desiring more space for their practice, these are our most popular mats in long and large sizes.

Long and Large Yoga Mats

Unroll and transform your yoga practice with our long and large yoga mats that were designed to fit your style of yoga and body. Our Manduka Large and Extra Large yoga mats not only provide you with the ability to transform your space to a yoga oasis but it will give you the space you need to practice in confidence and support that will give you the ultimate yoga experience. Whether you are a tall yogi or you are just desiring a place to spread out more with your flow, these our the popular long and large yoga mats that will give you everything you need. From our Pro Yoga mats to our eKO yoga mats, explore the perfect ones that will give you the support, cushion, and length you need. Your practice deserves a mat that doesn't have any limits and we want you to always experience no limitations in your flow.

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