eQua® eKO® Round 3mm

eQua® eKO® Round 3mm


The #1 square yoga mat recommended by teachers all over the world.


The eQua® eKO® Round Yoga Mat designed by global ambassador, Desi Bartlett, has 360° range of motion and freedom of movement in all directions. The top layer is absorbent microfiber with a natural rubber core and base. Easy to clean, this mat can be used for prenatal yoga, mommy and me yoga, restorative yoga, and all home practices.

Pro Tip: For best results (and best traction!) lightly mist the surface of this mat for superior grip.

Meet the Yoga Mat

eQua® eKO® Round 3mm

  • Great for all floor exercises, including general fitness and cross training
  • 360° of strength and flexibility. 
  • 7 lbs; 59" Diameter
  • Decorative top surface enhances any living or sacred space 
  • Durable microfiber sweat-activated top layer 
  • Easy to fold and transport
Use & Care

Hand wash or spot clean individually with cold water and a very small amount of a mild detergent. Hang to dry.

To Wash and Refresh: Use yoga mat wash & refresh to keep your mat clean and odor-free. Spray wash approximately two feet above from mat surface or spot clean as necessary. Microfiber top surface absorbs moisture immediately, so be mindful to not spray too much. Hang to dry. Do Not Machine Wash; Do Not Use with Manduka’s Botanical Disinfecting Cleaner; Do Not use with Manduka’s Botanical Cleaner.

PRO Tip: For best results (and best traction!) lightly mist the surface of this mat for superior grip.

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