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Yoga Tips For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

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Yoga Tips For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

Yoga Tips For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

Starting something new can be scary, and finding yourself in a yoga studio as a beginner is no exception. With unfamiliar names for poses and even stranger-sounding Sanskrit words, being a new yogi can often feel like learning a new language.

That's why it's important to make sure you start your yoga journey with a class structured specifically for beginners. Beginner-focused classes start with the absolute basics, structuring sequences in an easy-to-follow way with lots of yoga tips for beginners, even for someone with no idea what Downward-Facing Dog means.


A few essentials to prepare for your first class:

  1. Performance-minded yoga apparel. Whether you’re doing a low-key flow or something more intense, investing in performance apparel made specifically for yoga will make your movements feel (and look) good. Here’s what we’re loving for fall for the ladies and the gents.

  2. A quality yoga mat. A little yoga tip for beginners: a comfortably-cushioned yoga mat will encourage confidence from the ground up. Check out our Begin mat, which features an alignment stripe to help guide poses.

  3. A yoga towel. One of the reasons we flow in yoga is to build heat in the body to help avoid injury. This also means you will most likely get a bit sweaty. To avoid slip and keep your practice in place, a yoga towel like this is a necessity.


There are so many benefits to taking an online yoga class as a beginner: Convenience and variety are just two. Many new yogis join from home on a laptop, while others sneak in a quick 10-minute class on their mobile phones during their lunch break.

With our online platform, you’ll have access to daily live-streamed interactive classes, not to mention hundreds of yoga videos to watch on demand with lots of great yoga tips for beginners. Lucky for you, we’re now offering a Free 7-Day Trial for Manduka friends and family.


With live online classes, you can enjoy the benefits of a yoga studio from home simply by turning on your camera so your teacher can see you. They won't be able to hear you, but they can observe your practice through the camera and give tips and encouragement throughout class.

Live classes make for an amazing at-home yoga experience, allowing teachers and students to meet and connect with each other. We recommend joining a live class a few minutes early so you can switch on your camera and position your device so your teacher will be able to see you, and maybe even offer a few extra yoga tips for beginners.


Perfect for busy yogis, these classes are literally recordings of previously live classes. So even if you miss your favorite live class, you'll be able to practice it as many times as you want - whenever and wherever you want. Don’t forget we’ve got an app if you want to watch on mobile: Download it here.

So you’re ready to go! If you’re looking to polish up on your Yoga 101 skills before class, our friends at the NY Times created a great guide here. There are so many great resources online to discover and deepen your practice. We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon. Practice On.



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