MODO YOGA NYC: Inspiring the practice through BREATH

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The Background

At Manduka, we were founded on the simple concept of creating a foundation to support those (teachers, studios, community guides) who Inspire the Practice. The yoga teachers and studios inspire more they will ever know. They become people and places of familiarity, comfort, community, and joy. They help create strength in the chaos. They push us when needed and grant space when it's best. They facilitate our own ‘moments' on and off the mat.

Quite simply, they are our inspiration.

With that, today we are proud to launch our “Inspire the Practice” campaign. Over the next few months, we will celebrate teachers and studios from New York City, to Santa Barbara, CA, to Reno, NV by telling their stories. As they have gotten to know us, we now ask about them. Who are they? Why are they doing this work? What is their mission? What makes them laugh? What music do they like? What do they like to do when they are not leading our communities? What inspires THEM?

Manduka is grateful for the thousands of teachers and studios who make it part of their life's work to create a sanctuary for us to move our bodies, free our minds, and find peace. Even if for a moment, we honor you and say thank YOU for Inspiring the Practice

Inspiration is what unites us all to make ourselves and this world a better place.

Let's take off on this journey together to celebrate those that


Why We're Inspired

Modo Yoga NYC seeks to inspire positive change; one breath, one practice, and one person at a time. We are a socially and environmentally conscious hot yoga studio that offers safe, progressive, accessible classes so you can feel at ease to explore. We are a community of growers, thinkers and change-makers with industry-leading teachers who see you and your practice as a whole being. We guide, support and commit to your unique practice journey so you can lead an inspired life.

Meet Modo Yoga

Name: MODO YOGA NYC (@modoyoganyc)

Residence: New York City, New York

Occupation: Hot Yoga

Cause: Girls Mentor Girls


Modo Yoga NYC (MYNYC) was built on a dream to inspire positive change; one breath, one practice, and one person at a time. However as we look back at our time here in New York, we think we may have been changed and shaped the most by the city itself.

Along with the millions of other people who have been drawn from all over the world to explore and experience NYC, we came here from Canada 11 years ago. Instead of arriving here to chase a dream of the stage or the screen, we showed up ready to open a yoga studio in the heart of Manhattan's West Village.

Like many New York transplants, we weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into. And while we had a plan, the city had a bigger one.

Modo Yoga NYC Studio

When we first arrived, our inspiration was to recreate what we'd fallen in love with in Montreal. A space that was so welcoming it became a second home. A delicious heated practice that was both safe and satisfying. A community that would grow and thrive together over the years. Modo Yoga (it was called Moksha Yoga back then) had changed us for the better, and we wanted to build that in New York City.

MYNYC's growth has mirrored that of our own here in New York. One that shapes and is shaped by the city itself. In time, we were able to recreate the energy we so loved in Montreal. On top of that, thanks to the beautiful nature of NYC, the studio has become a space that serves as an equal part oasis and inspiration.

"The Studio has become a space that serves as an equal part oasis and inspiration. - Modo Yoga NYC

On one hand, this studio is a place where we can escape the noise and reconnect with ourselves. We keep our practice rooms silent, which often gets a little pushback at first, but people grow to relish that. Think about it, living here in New York, when was the last time you sat in complete silence? It's important to us to build something that can help balance the pulse of the city.

Yoga session in the studio

We've found that by cultivating this balance, the studio acts as a space that sparks action, change and creativity. We are always so inspired to see how students come in, land, recharge, explore, process - whatever happens within the four corners of their mat. Then they walk back out into this city ready to make a shift. Sometimes they are creating art or music, sometimes they are taking on a new challenge, often they are responding to the chaos of everyday life with a bit more patience and compassion.

Yoga studio session

As a team of artists, creators and visionaries ourselves, we've been called to lean into the studio's tendency to inspire; working to heal and invigorate with equal measure. Along with the welcoming consistency of this practice and studio, we bring in live music regularly, put together exciting events, collaborate with local creatives, maintain consistent sustainability practices and work to ensure every student is seen as a whole being.

The process of growing this community and growing into this city ourselves, has been an incredibly inspiring journey. And not always an easy one! We came so close to closing our doors during the pandemic, so writing this from a space of, well, being open and alive, it feels lucky, it feels right, and it feels invigorating. This is one of the things we love the most about New York, it will never be easy, but every challenge you survive motivates you to do something more.

Conversation in the studio

So this is our pledge to you, New York City. We will continue to do our best to help you thrive. We are honored to call this city home and to have made our mark on it, as it has marked our hearts and our lives. We will continue to bring our best in cultivating a welcoming and inspired community, in our sustainability practices, in our safe and intelligent sequencing, and in our ever evolving outreach work. In this city that pushes us all to show up, we're here to stay.

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