Full Moon Rituals: Embracing the Spiritual Energy of the Moon

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Full Moon Rituals: Embracing the Spiritual Energy of the Moon

The beautiful thing about rituals, especially those related to the moon, is that they invite you to quieten yourself. They ask you to plant seeds of intention.

Every month our universe passes through another cycle inviting us to stop, pause and consider what we are manifesting through our existence. This is marked with the arrival of the full moon. It’s almost as if the universe is giving us a monthly check in to remind us to slow up for a moment and consider where we are going and what we are doing.

Here are a few rituals that we like to use in this period to evaluate, cleanse and recharge as we begin to channel our energy to propel us through the next moon phase.

Spirit Tool Energy Cleansing Ritual

Tools: Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense or Copal Incense

Why: Cleanse the negative energy from the space around you and enhance awareness and mindful connection.

What to do: For millennia these herbs and resins have been used in ceremonial practices. When burned, these precious tools emit a smoke known to gather and clear negative energies, connecting us with a higher consciousness.

Use these tools to heal, protect and help to release toxic, stagnant energies.

Smudge responsibly: The environment in which palo santo grows is threatened, so search out your spiritual tools from sources that use responsible harvesting methods. Equally, many harvesting methods of white sage are unethical, so seek out sustainable suppliers.

Manduka Spirit Tool Energy Cleansing Ritual

Full Moon Yoga Ritual Flow

ToolsYoga matcomfortable clothesbolstersblocks and a blanket

Why: Create space and open yourself to the full power of the moon’s energy.

What to do: Roll out your yoga mat ideally in nature or outside in view of the moon and start your sequence with a series of Moon Salutations - Chandra Namaskar. This flow pattern will carry you around your mat in a circular motion.

Remember to take it slow. Prepare yourself to experience new sensations, welcome these feelings, some might feel a little ungrounding or obstinate, this is the moon’s energy finding space within your being.

To balance this, keep your sequence close to the earth keeping yourself grounded, internalising your drishti. You may include asanas that are more cooling, receptive, meditative and help to invoke the sensation of rejuvenation, release, fluidity and restoration such as forward folds, hip openers, gentle supported backbends and yin postures.

Manduka Luna Mat - Moon Yoga Ritual Flow

Featuring the Manduka eKO Round Yoga Mat inspired by the moon.

Moon Wishes Manifestation Ritual

Tools: Paper, pencil, candle, burn vessel and matches

Why: Think of the seeds you have sown in your life, what benefits have you or your world reaped from these? What can be now let go of and set free?

What to do: A beautiful, simple yet powerful ritual. This should be done outside under the Full Moon. Cleanse your chosen space prior to the start with a spiritual tool of your choice.

Light a candle, the act of lighting a candle is linked to enhanced intuition.

Begin with 5 deep yogic breaths bringing your focus to the present, try to release everything in your mind. Then write down a list of your intentions on a piece of paper.

Take your list of intentions and light it letting it burn (in a safe vessel) and watch the smoke go up into the sky. Burning these intentions gives them the energy of the fire and connects them with the moons cycle. Helping you to manifest them in your life through this next phase.

Manduka Moon Wishes Manifestation Ritual

Crystal Cleansing & Charging Ritual

Tools: Crystals of your choice, jars, natural water

Why: Crystals hold the energetic charge of anyone and anything they've ever come in contact with. For this reason they need to be cleaned and recharged. When your crystals are charged they promote more power for healing and straightening your intention to create harmony.

What to do: Gently wash your crystals the day before the full moon. Water from the ocean or a natural source is ideal, but running them under the tap at home is fine too. Not all crystals are water-safe though so do your research first if you're unsure! Bring intention to this practice by listening to relaxing music or reciting your favourite chant while cleansing.

After your crystals are cleansed and dried, set them out on the earth or a natural surface, just after sunset, in preparation for their full moon bath. You may even like to do a crystal grid with them when you lay them out in your sacred space. As you set each crystal down, name an emotion out loud that you wish to be free from; this will affirm what you are ready to release.

In the morning allow your crystals to charge for an hour or two in the first rays of sun before bringing them in. Once you have them collected, you can charge them with your intentions through meditation.

Manduka Crystal Cleansing & Charging Ritual

A ritual created using your own intuition is always the most powerful, and once you become more in tune with the rhythm of waxing and waning energy, that intuition will grow.

Do you have any full moon rituals that you perform, or practice that work best for you? Share with us on Instagram @mandukaeurope



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