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My Manduka helps me practice patience. On the mat with my body and my practice, off the mat, with the world around me and one very clever and determined youngster.

-Stephen Bickle
Tampa, FL

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Kaitlyn McConnell

Kaitlyn McConnell

Portland, OR

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Why Manduka?: My Manduka Mat traveled around the world with me from Fiji to New Zealand, Bali, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Iceland and the East Coast before following me to my hometown of Seattle. It didn't matter where I went, when I rolled out my mat to practice I felt like I was home.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice anywhere and everywhere!

Yoga Style: Flow, Gentle, Restorative

Practice with me here: Kaitlyn McConnell Yoga

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Kaitlyn is a Yoga Works trained and Yoga Alliance registered teacher with over 10 years of experience. Her teaching style ranges from vigorous flow classes to gentle and restorative, always with an emphasis on alignment and the breath. Her practice of yoga has helped her to recognize the power within each of us to live a life that is full and satisfying and her classes are a reflection of that. In her classes each student can expect personal attention and hands on adjustments that are safe and supportive. She allows each student to work at their own pace while still challenging them to find something new in the practice each time they step onto their mat. She has completed over 500 hours of training and has been fortunate enough to have assisted and been influenced by amazing teachers around the globe. Kaitlyn lives and teaches yoga throughout the Seattle area.