Flow & Meditation

  • Instructor: Neeti Narula
  • Duration: 00:29:03
  • Class Type: Flow & Meditation

Neeti Narula is a yoga and meditation guide and the Director of Mindful Movement at THE WELL in New York City. Her classes are inspired by various schools of yoga. She is known for teaching alignment-based classes infused with thematic dharma and yoga philosophy. Neeti believes that the way you move and breathe on your mat shapes the way you move and breathe in your life. You can practice with her in person at THE WELL or at Modo Yoga NYC. To learn more about Neeti, check out her Instagram @neeti.narula.

This class is a recording from Neeti's IG Live. It is a short meditation and hip focused flow. Neeti also speaks about her personal mission in giving back to The Desai Foundation.

Neeti's Favorite Product: Manduka Black Mat PRO

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