Energizing Hip-Opening Flow

  • Instructor: Celia Polyzou
  • Duration: 00:28:20
  • Class Type: Flow

This quick, dynamic flow is designed to awaken your hips and energize your body. Celia Polyzou leads you through a flow that is portable (no props needed), bite-sized (under 30 mins), and intuitive.

Celia Polyzou is an Advanced Therapeutic Practitioner, Master Instructor, Teacher Trainer and Retreat Leader with more than 2000+ hours of training in Pilates, Yoga, and Mindfulness Meditation. She has collaborated with major brands such as Coachella Music Festival, Outdoor Voices, Neuehouse, Ace Hotel, and more. She is currently splitting her time between NYC and her homeland, Greece. She draws inspiration from human anatomy, biomechanics, and the profound, life-changing effects of mindful movement.

She's practicing on: eKO® lite yoga mat, 4mm

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