• Instructor: Anne Spinner
  • Duration: 00:39:45
  • Class Type: Power Flow

Anne Spinner is a Manduka Ambassador, mom, and yoga & meditation guide who’s re-imagining life and teaching after a triumphant comeback from an unexpected open heart surgery.

"When considering asanas that empower Emerald, for me chin stand (ganda bherundasana) came to mind. It is a powerful heart opener that is also a peak pose. Its challenge symbolizes strength and persistence in growth mentally and physically. It's a challenging shape that symbolizes the eagle in flight. I find this to be an extremely powerful visual with the idea of growth and rebirth in mind." - Anne Spinner

Join Anne in this flow into peak pose Chin Stand to embody the heart opening strength of the gemstone Emerald.

Playlist for class: Emerald Enlightenment Playlist

Anne's favorite Manduka product is the PROlite mat.

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