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Looking for your perfect mat? Our yoga mat quiz is here to help.


Yoga Mats

  • Manduka PRO® Yoga Mat

    Manduka PRO® Yoga Mat

  • PROlite® Yoga Mat - All Colors

    PROlite® Yoga Mat - All Colors

  • MDK FIT® fitness mat

    MDK FIT® fitness mat

  • Manduka X Yoga Mat 5mm

    Manduka X Yoga Mat 5mm

  • PROlite® Long & Wide - Black

    PROlite® Long & Wide - Black

  • Pro Mat Square - small image

    Manduka PRO® Squared Yoga Mat

  • eKO Terra Mat 4mm - Black
    Black 2-tone (Black)

    eKO Terra Mat 4mm - Black

  • prolite® mat - binda

    prolite® mat - binda

  • Manduka X Yoga Mat - Black

    Manduka X Yoga Mat - Black

  • The Black Mat Pro

    Black Mat PRO® Yoga Mat

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    Whether you're searching for a long term relationship or just a partner to get sweaty with, finding your perfect yoga mat is a matter of personal taste. Choose wisely, then let the good times (un)roll:

    For ultimate cushion and density, the Manduka PRO and PROlite are your best bet. Top-of-the-line cushioning and joint-protecting density bring a lifetime of practice. Guaranteed. 

    For a natural rubber grip, the eKO and eKO Lite bring a better hold for keeping your practice in place. Made from non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber, the eKO mat supports both your practice and the planet. 

    For sports-minded athletes, the Manduka X is a high quality, sustainably-manufactured cross-functional exercise mat. Transitioning between studio and gym is a breeze with this portable yet durable, slip-resistant yoga mat. 

    Perfect for the beginner, the welcOMe Mat is a comfortably cushioned and slip-resistant mat perfect for the beginner. Featuring an alignment stripe to help reference hand and foot placement, this mat is the perfect support for those who are new to yoga.