July 31st, 2011


Staying State-side This Summer? COME WITH US TO CAMP

Ah, summer. The smell of sunscreen, the buzz of insects and the perpetual bliss of long days in the sun. Who says summer camp is only for kids? Nay, we want to have fun, too! Recall your childhood trips to camp and all of those challenging activities that helped you bond with your fellow campers. (And by bonding, we certainly do not mean kissing Bobby behind the mess hall!) The best part of camp is feeling good about yourself, creating friendships and spending time outdoors. We wrangled up our team in the spirit of summer and created Camp Standard for a day at Travaasa.

Dress in your camp uniform, grab your well-equipped pack and join us for our adventure!

The Elements:
-Camp Standard Banner by Company B

For our throwback uniforms:
-Skorts by Lolë Women
-Tank by Threads 4 Thought
-Socks by Zkano

In our packs, the survival necessities:
-Backpacks by Imagine Childhood
-Compasses by Wilderness Serenity
-Soy Joy
-Peeled Snack Packs
-Intelligent Nutrients Bug Serum and Bug Perfume Spray
-Thermos Roho water canteens
-Thinksport sunscreen
-Manduka yoga mats