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My Manduka helps me practice strength.

-Liz Zdunich
Victoria, BC, Canada

Giving Back

April 1st, 2010

Homegirl Cafe

Manduka donated eKO Mats to the Homegirl Cafe, where free yoga classes are taught to young women. Homegirl services enable young women to redirect their lives and provide them with hope for their futures.The free support services focus on education, job training and placement, legal services, counseling, twelve step meetings and tattoo removal. To make a donation to Homegirls, visit

Homegirl Cafe
Homegirl Cafe
Homegirl Cafe

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Supreme Court's Landmark Gun Decision Purely Political

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WILLIAMS: I think he's got a problem, which is he's got to run to the middle to catch the independent vote, to be the maverick John McCain. At the same time, he's got to assure the base that he's still the conservative Republican John McCain. That's a big problem. But you know what? It'll come around. We'll see if he picks it up, especially now that you say what a lot of conservatives will say, wait a minute, it's the most liberal member of the senator or John McCain. Maybe they'll make a choice.

Down, the Senate. They left town for the Fourth of July recess pretty early, but they left leaving two key issues on the legislative shelf, the mortgage crisis and sky high gas prices. What you saw was a very frustrated Chris Dodd saying, wait a minute, we're trying to deal with something causing pain in American, this mortgage crisis, and instead what you get are senators on the Republican side trying to put in clauses to help with energy and somehow give breaks to the energy producers in this country. Why don't we deal with one thing at a time? I think Chris Dodd is right. This is not a legal transcript for purposes of litigation.

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What To Make With Those Small Pears From Your New Bartlett Pear Tree

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Planting fruit trees are a wonderful way of incorporating sweet smelling flowers of various colors into your landscape. If that isn't enough of an incentive, there is, of course, the fruit. For the first two years, the <a href="" >Nike Lunar 4.0</a> tree didn't produce pears, but the blossom's scent permeated the air and the white flowers enticed many bees, butterflies and the occasional hummingbird. But then in the early spring of the third year, tiny pears started to grow. They never grew larger than 2 3 inches, but I harvested a small bowl and was determined to make something delicious with them.

My list of recipe possibilities quickly narrowed because the pears were as hard as rock and didn't soften. We prepare Indian food often, so chutney seemed like a reasonable idea. The most tedious step was peeling these tiny fruits. The pears from the tree, now five years old, produce pears that are 5 inches and are much easier to peel. Using store bought fruit would be considerably easier and equally tasty.

Making homemade chutney is very simple and much more flavorful compared to the overly sweet, almost one dimensional tasting chutney you can buy at the market. I'm fond of thicker chutney that becomes rather sticky from the tamarind as it cooks down. If you're not a fan <a href="" >Air Jordan 1</a> of that same consistency, don't cook your chutney for nearly as long as I suggest. Pears are as versatile as any other fruit. The fruits are your gift for being an excellent caretaker.

DzyMsLizzy 3 years ago from Oakley, CA Level 7 Commenter

Sounds delicious, but I'd be stuck with store bought fruits we don't have a pear tree, nor do we live in the right zone to grow them.

Great story and well written. Makes me want to go buy some pears and looking up Indian cooking. Voted up, interesting, and useful, too. I hope to plant more fruit trees one day. I have a friend whose peach tree drips with fruit each season.

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