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My Manduka helps me #practice patience, presence and personal progress.

-Andrea Marcum
Los Angeles, CA

Giving Back

July 1st, 2009

Yoga Ed.

Tasha Flint found yoga to be the pillar of strength that she so much needed to get out of the "at risk" lifestyle that was consuming her life. This inspired her to work with adolescents who were struggling due to substance abuse, physical/emotional abuse, and lack of support and resources. She discovered Yoga Ed. while researching different yoga organizations that specialize in working with youth, and found their work and vision admirable. She now works with several organizations for disadvantaged and at risk youth, teaching them mind body techniques to self regulate, improve communication skills, and build trust and self love. Manduka donated yoga mats to Tasha to help her continue to help deliver the positive effects of yoga to brighten the lives and futures of her young students.

Yoga Ed.

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