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The best and most beautiful mats in the world may not only be seen with your eyes, they must be felt with your soles.

-Jenn Perell
San Francisco, CA

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Allyson Levine

Allyson Levine

Denver, CO

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Why Manduka?: You have to root to rise.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice...... patience.

Yoga Style: Anusara® yoga

Practice with me here: Sacred I Yoga , The Logan School

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Allyson discovered yoga in 2000, when entered her first Anusara class. Over the next several years, her practice became a major source of support and inspiration in her life. Throughout her journeys abroad, as an experiential educator in Central America and the South Pacific, she found a natural inclination to teach others about the practice. She received a 200hr Vinyasa certification in 2006, and continues to work toward an Anusara certification. In addition to working with adults, Allyson is committed to introducing yoga to children. She is a certified Yoga Ed instructor, who teaches for The Wellness Initiative in low-income schools throughout Colorado. Working with students of all ages and abilities provides a constant reminder of the inherent goodness and vast potential inside of everyone. She is motivated by her desire to help people discover their most authentic selves. Fun, alignment, partner work, and the celebration of each individual are what make her classes so sweet.
Please visit her webiste, for more information.