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My Manduka helps me practice empowerment.

-Brenda Blanco
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

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Tina Aisner-Porter

Tina Aisner-Porter

Denver, CO

Why Manduka?: I don't think there's been blood, but on my Manduka mat, there's been a lot of sweat and many tears. My Manduka mat and I have had one of the longest and most successful relationships in my life. It's inspired me to fire up when I'm down and has cushioned my falls to the point of laughter. It has help to ground me and has provided a space for observation and contemplation. My mat has contributed to my peace of mind and has proven over the years to be reliable, durable and safe. L'chaim!! er, I mean.. Ahimsa!!

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Practice with me here: Samadhi Center for Yoga

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Through a Reader’s poll for The Denver Post in 2008, Tina was voted one of the Best Instructors in Denver. LIFE with 2 small children nourishes her daily practice thus fueling her classes that are a true example of her integrity and devotion. After practicing power yoga for over 11 years with Bryan Kest in Santa Monica, CA., it was Bryan who suggested 6 years ago that she take her passion off the mat to the front of the room and TEACH!

Because of her innate ability to read the energy in the room, each one of Tina’s classes are unique. Her psychotherapeutic monologues have you meditating in movement, relating to her on many levels, opening more than you thought was possible and releasing more than you thought you even held.

Tina offers a variation to the Ashtanga series; a progressive sequence of flowing asana that build functional strength, physically & mentally. For more information on Tina and her upcoming workshops, Teacher's Trainings and retreats, please visit