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Manduka helps me practice.

-Sarai Harvey-Smith
London, UK

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Bethany Orheim

Bethany Orheim

Del Mar, CA

Why Manduka?: I never leave home without my Manduka! My mat has traveled the world - Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bali... and more states then I can count. Practicing on my Manduka feels like coming home... even when I'm thousands of miles away.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me #practice...... satya {truth} - I step into my truth each time I roll out my mat.

Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow

Practice with me here: Bindu Yoga

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Bethany’s ever-evolving style of teaching is deeply rooted in Prana Flow, an
intuitive, full-spectrum approach to yoga, created by Shiva Rea. For the past
decade, Bethany has immersed herself in the art of living yoga. Her vibrant
teaching style is inspired by her rich life experience and love for the ocean.

Bethany is known for her thoughtful approach to dynamic wave sequencing,
creative Vinyasa Flows, alignment-based methodology, and Ayurveda. Her
classes invite potent inquiry, sweet openness, and integration at a cellular and
heart level. As the owner of Bindu Yoga Studio, a yogic sanctuary in the heart of
Del Mar Village, Bethany is benevolently dedicated to offering empowering
public classes and workshops, nourishing retreats, and Teacher Trainings.

When she’s not riding the wave of breath on her mat, Bethany can be found
surfing the waves in her coastal hometown, Cardiff-by-the-Sea. She is a blog
contributor for Yoganonymous and brand ambassador for Gaiam, Lululemon,
Manduka, and meSheeky.

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