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I don't leave home without it - Manduka is the American Express of yoga mats.

-Hillary Rubin
West Hollywood, California

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Tom Larkin

Tom Larkin

Nashville, TN

Why Manduka?: When my clients ask me about mats, I go straight for the best, Manduka. Since luxury normally stands for the best of qualities, I tell them “Manduka is the Mercedes-Benz of yoga mats. If you drive the best, why not flow on the best!"

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice transformational revelations.

Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow

Practice with me here: Larkin Yoga

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Tom had always been on the edge of a yoga practice. Through sports, art, music, philosophy and years in the corporate world, he was introduced to yoga, which he realized was the catalyst opening his heart to the natural grace and depth of life. Through his long-time teacher Shiva Rea, Tom continues to unlock layers in his body, mind and soul and graciously thanks her and all the guides who have journeyed along his path.

As a teacher, Tom fully believes he is here to enact change in a student. To encourage them to discover their own practice in a way that is both challenging and inspiring. His infectious spirit and steady strength is empowering and brings out the courageous heart in all students.

Tom is E-RYT 500 certified, and when not hosting workshops and retreats around the world, he teaches at Sanctuary for Yoga, which he co-founded with his wife, Daphne.