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My Manduka products have stood the march of time, seeing me through countless practices, classes and workshops, like good friends helping me each step at a time. That the company is as committed to providing the community with the highest quality materials as it is to the environment makes them one I am happy to support.

-Angela Tomassetti
Chicago, IL

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Aubrey Hackman

Aubrey Hackman

Del Mar, CA

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Why Manduka?: Manduka is a high quality yoga product, one of our favorites, and we are proud at the Telluride Yoga Festival to have such a like-minded, eco-friendly yoga product as a sponsor

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice...... Mysore every morning and do the drop backs without slipping!

Yoga Style: Jivamukti

Practice with me here: Bindu Yoga Studio

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Aubrey Hackman is a certified Jivamukti instructor and founder of the Telluride Yoga Festival. With a strong devotion to the practice of yoga, Aubrey has made it her life’s work to find the best teachers and to bring that quality of instruction to others whether through the actual festival or her teaching. Her teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life (founders of Jivamukti Yoga), have illuminated a passion for non-violence and conscious living along with a strong foundation in Yogic philosophy, Asana, Sanskrit, and Vedanta. She also has studied Ashtanga for years with various teachers. Though Jivamukti yoga includes a somewhat rigorous vinyasa practice, Aubrey ties in the alignment principals found in different styles of Hatha Yoga and offers therapeutic or restorative classes as well.