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My Manduka helps me practice simple gratitude.

-Heather Williams
Kodiak, Alaska

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Ania Mechlinska

Ania Mechlinska

Santa Monica, CA

Why Manduka?: Have you ever had that feeling you were walking in the clouds? That is what the Manduka PROlite feels like. Comfortably safe but cushy..Soft and light but protectively firm. And that's what I practice on every given day.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice anywhere and everywhere without restriction of the surroundings. Whenever I travel, my mat follows me.

Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Power Yoga

Practice with me here: Inner Power Yoga , Alpha Venice

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My relationship with yoga begun more than ten years ago when I stepped into Santa Monica Power Yoga class led by Master Teacher Bryan Kest. My first experience which I remember as it would have happened yesterday, left me sore physically and mentally. I think it was the competitive mind and search for hidden secrets of yoga what brought me back to Bryan's class and has still brining to his studio this days.

Years of consistent practice later I graduated in my first 200 hours teacher training from National Yoga Institute in Hatha Yoga influenced by Power Yoga. I continued my education at Exhale Sacred Movement where receiving certification in Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga Works where I studied with Annie Carpenter, Vinni Marino and most importantly Simi Cruz who introduced me to Ashtanga Krama Yoga that has become my primary practice.

Since the first day in Mysore class I knew the vigorous movement of detailed sequencing was what I was looking for. I have been committed to daily self-inquiry for the last four years following my true Ashtanga Masters amongst David Swenson whom I accomplished Led Primary Teacher Training with in 2009.

Next two years took me away from my yoga practice as well as from any physical activity. The serious illness that not only chained me to hospital bed but caused total immobility has made me realize how precious every moment of my life is. I have learned how to appreciate the days of not just physical flow but the stillness of meditative state and power of daily Pranayama.

Although my self-practice has led me to many wonderful teachers of The Eight Limbed Practice I have always considered Santa Monica Power Yoga my first Home.