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Your practice will never be same once you try all things Manduka.

-Roland DelaCruz
Makati City, Philippines

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Daniella Cotreau

Daniella Cotreau

Los Gatos, California

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Why Manduka?: My Manduka mat never lets me down every time I practice. It is firm enough to hold me steady;soft enough to allow everything to be felt, and grippy enough to allow me to create magnificent art with the temple which is my body.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: Manduka helps me practice and teach with confidence, professionalism and an unwavering love and inspiration for my yoga practice.

Yoga Style: Hatha

Practice with me here: Breathe Los Gatos , Yoga of Los Altos , The Yoga Studio , Worlds Yoga Saratoga

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Daniella Cotreau is the founder of Body Temple Yoga. She teaches with great heart. Her passion for teaching comes from her desire to empower her students to live and speak from their own authentic, intuitive voice and the voice of their heart.

Her classes are heart-opening, uplifting, inspiring and filled with precision and playfulness. She is a gifted and inspiring teacher of yoga, bridging the practice of yoga to modern life using metaphorical yet clear analogies between the two, giving deeper meaning to why we practice.

Yogini, Inspirational Writer, Massage Therapist, Dancer, performance artist, and health/nutrition coach, she delights in the opportunities to work one on one with people as well include Bhakti yoga (devotional chanting) and the collaborative artistry of live musicians in her workshops, retreats and trainings.