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After tearing through numerous other yoga mats a year I decided that if I was going to take my practice more seriously, that I had to take my mat more seriously. I upgraded to a Black Mat PRO and have never looked back. I can always come to practice on it and feel like I am being nurtured and protected.

-Andrew Rosenstock
Paro, Bhutan

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Andrea Marcum

Andrea Marcum

Los Angeles, CA

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Why Manduka?: There’s no reason to buy any other mat. None. I’ve watched my students carry their Manduka mats all over the world on retreats with me. They’d rather make room in their suitcase for their beloved Black mat than they would for their clothes. It’s that important.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me #practice patience, presence and personal progress.

Yoga Style: Vinyasa

Practice with me here: U Studio Yoga

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Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Andrea Marcum proudly opened U Studio Yoga in Los Angeles in 2006. She’s been featured in the Huffington Post, C Magazine, Self, LA Times, PopSugar and more. Andrea is a Lululemon Ambassador. Her articles have appeared in Gaiam Life, Origin Magazine, JetWings Magazine, Lululemon’s Official Blog, Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, and others. She is currently working on a book. Though her early childhood aspirations were to be a fairy princess, she’s pretty happy with the way things have turned out.