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My Manduka helps me practice.....patience and compassion for myself and others.

-Kathy Shirley
Key Largo, Florida

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Delamay Patrick

Delamay Patrick

Byron Bay, Australia

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Why Manduka?: On Manduka my body relaxes, my breath deepens and my mind knows its time to surrender to being present.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice acceptance of where I am, how I got here and I trust the next moment will unfold perfectly.

Yoga Style: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow

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Delamay's intention is to create a safe space for personal empowerment that allows you to embody the true essence of your natural self. A certified Prana Flow® Energetic Vinyasa teacher and lover of free form ecstatic movement, Delamay is originally from Byron Bay and now divides her time between Australia, Asia and Europe offering her love of yoga and movement globally in master classes, workshops and Shakti Business retreats. With a background in dance and performing arts it was a natural progression to teaching yoga and delve deeper into the rhythm of the breath, the flow of the body and the formlessness of meditation. Delamay is deeply honored to be part of the mentoring and global assistance program with Shiva Rea and looks forward to witnessing the magic unfold when she meets you on the mat. To connect with her on facebook please visit