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My Manduka helps me practice both how to embrace and how to let go...

-Ashley Russell
Huntsville, AL

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Robert Hefele

Robert Hefele

Orlando, FL

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Why Manduka?: After the breath, I find the foundation or base an important part of our practice. My Manduka mat offers the perfect foundation for any pose....standing, seated, or inverted balancing. It also keeps me connected with the earth, knowing that the amazing durability reduces the strain on our resources and landfills.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice staying connected to the present moment

Yoga Style: Vinyasa

Practice with me here: Full Circle Yoga

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Rob Hefele originally explored yoga purely for the physical benefits. As an avid surfer, the increased balance and flexibility he discovered quickly made yoga part of his life. He began to notice however, that yoga brought about some subtle non-physical changes as well. After deepening his personal practice for several years, the decision to share yoga with others compelled him to leave a career in sales. He studied with many of the world's most highly respected teachers, attended numerous conferences, workshops and teacher trainings.

Rob's teaching style has been described as dynamic, inspirational, informative, and accessible. Students of all levels love his classes, whether it's powerful vinyasa flow, mellow hatha, yin yoga or some sort of combination. Maintaining an RYT 200 registration with Yoga Alliance, Rob enjoys traveling to teach workshops, and working with individuals in private sessions. Regardless of the setting, he encourages each student to progress safely at their own pace.